Getting Started with OSGi

The following is a list of links to my tutorial series Getting Started with OSGi which is currently running on EclipseZone.

Unfortunately on EclipseZone the new posts push the older ones off the front page, so if you want to refer back to an earlier item in the series then you have to go digging through the forums. Therefore for convenience I will be maintaining links to all parts of the series on this page.

  • Part 1: Your first bundle
  • Part 2: Interacting with the Framework
  • Part 3: Dependencies between Bundles
  • Part 4: Registering a Service
  • Part 5: Consuming a Service
  • Part 6: Dynamic Service Tracking
  • Part 7: Introducing Declarative Services
  • Part 8: Declarative Services and Dependencies

You may also be interested in my more advanced article, A Comparison of Eclipse Extensions and OSGi Services.

If you have any feedback on any of these articles, please either comment below or on the relevant EclipseZone thread. Thanks!