My first casino room 

My first try at online casino was a couple of years ago. I was at my friend’s house, who is a poker enthusiast. Apparently, the poker room that he played has recently introduced slots games. He showed me a little bit but not until six months ago I started to play myself.

It actually happened very unexpectedly. I guess that’s the whole point of ads, isn’t it? Anyway, I saw an ad about an online casino that gives away a bunch of free spins to their new players. As a beginner I didn’t want to put in my own money online but trying out playing slots with free spins didn’t seem intimidating. So, I registered an account at this casino (called Slots Magic) and I got 10 free spins. I used those quickly and decided that I can put a little bit of my own money because every depositor also get’ 50 free spins right away and 520 free spins later at a rate of (10/week for 52 weeks). After a little research I got even more excited. As it seems, Slots Magic is the online casino with the most free spins to giveaway plus, they don’t have a wagering requirement for free spins winnings. Meaning that everything you win is yours at that moment, no strings attached. Long story short, I have now tried almost 30 different slots and casino games and actually won a little bit of money. I have had a couple of €40 and €60 wins but I’m still fishing for a big jackpot payout.

Let’s be fair. As a person, I’m pretty shy and rarely try new things. I like most things just as they are and as you can already guess, I’m not a big fan of taking big risks. But I am happy that I tried Slots Magic. They are really generous with deposit rewards, cashback and giveaways. Will I stay here when my 52 weeks of free spins end? I honestly don’t know but they seem pretty awesome.